• Online research
  • Scanning precious photos
  • Scanning precious documents
  • Collating information
  • Creating a book
  • Creating a chart
  • Much more

Online Research

Handford Virtual Services can research your family and help you find answers such as births, deaths, marriages, war records, or even where your ancestors lived or are buried. This will save you time and money not having to purchase software, or pay for websites to gain information.


Scanning Precious Photos

Do you have precious photos that need to be stored for future generations or family members are asking for a copy and you don’t want to part with them in case you don’t get them back?

No need to buy scanners or other equipment let Handford Virtual Services scan these treasures so they can be shared, enlarged or printed out without having to touch the originals again!!


Scanning Precious Documents

Do you have documents that record your ancestor’s lives such as their births, deaths, marriages, war records, special awards or certificates that are starting to deteriorate or being requested by other family members?  No need to buy scanners or other equipment Handford Virtual Services can scan these precious documents so they can be shared amongst family members and the originals can be preserved for future generations.


Collating Information

Do you have notes that are hand written, photocopies of information or typed notes, is it stored in a shoe box or in a folder and you don’t know where to start?  Handford Virtual Services can turn your notes and records into something that can be easily read without pulling your hair out.


Creating a Book

Have you researched your family and have gathered lots of information, photos and documents about them but not sure how to put it all together?   No need to buy expensive programs or software and learn how to use them let Handford Virtual Services create a book that generations to come can admire.


Creating a Chart

Handford Virtual Services can create a chart of your family ancestors for all to be admired without you having to purchase expensive programs or software.


Much More…..

With around 30 years’ experience in Genealogy, Handford Virtual Services feels confident in being able to assist with your family research or recording for future generations.

Contact Handford Virtual Services to help you whilst staying within your budget.