Administration Services

  • Calendar management
  • Email management
  • Book Keeping
  • Business software or program setup and optimisation
  • Creating marketing material like brochures and monthly newsletters
  • Create and maintain excel spreadsheets, word document templates
  • This is just the start!!

Calendar Management

Handford Virtual Services once given access to your calendar can book your clients, appointments or meetings to work in with your day and send you reminders so you never miss anything important.

If you don’t have a calendar Handford Virtual Services can create one for you.


Email Management

Handford Virtual Services can sort your emails, delete spam or respond to your emails with forms, fees or general information about your business for new or current clients as you require whether you are busy, or having a break. Your potential and current clients will be happy with the efficient responses.


Book Keeping

Book Keeping is a vital part of any business and who could do without the headache?  Handford Virtual Services are not accountants, but can add transactions to your business accounting program, reconcile your accounts or credit cards, create and issue customer invoices, check for customer payments, pay your bills and prepare standard reports ready for your accountant to access as required. No more need to spend hours of your valuable time doing something you don’t particularly want to.  Never worry about your book keeping again!!


Business Software or Program Setup and Optimisation

Not tech savvy.  Handford Virtual Services can help install and set up your programs, learn about them to train yourself and staff if required and maintain a level of support.  Do you get overwhelmed with software updates or just don’t time or patience.  Handford Virtual Services can make sure you are up to date.


Creating Marketing Material like Brochures and Monthly Newsletters

If your business requires newsletters, brochures etc created regularly Handford Virtual Services can create your marketing material from articles provided by your business.  Marketing material helps create a reputation on your expertise and allows you to build trust with your clients old or new.


Create and Maintain Excel Spreadsheets, Word Document Templates

Would you like a spreadsheet that automatically calculates your answer or needs maintaining?  Handford Virtual Services can keep create and maintain your spreadsheets so you never have to worry about them again.

Do you have a document that you would like to make into a template, change a document format or edit a document. Let Handford Virtual Services do this for you to enable your business to run more smoothly and efficiently.


This just the start!!


With over 20 years’ experience Handford Virtual Services can complete any task required let Handford Virtual Services take the stress away from you while you work on growing your business.

These services are completed virtually so you don’t have the worry of not having an office or finding the space in the office or buying equipment.

Just give Handford Virtual Services a call to see what can be done for your business.